Testing Types for PAD

Ankle Brachial Index (ABI): 

The ABI machine measures the blood pressures of the arm and of the ankle. If the ankle blood pressure is very low compared to the arm, this means there is less blood flow, meaning likely PAD. The ABI is a very good indicator of whether one has PAD.



An angiogram is a picture of the arteries. This picture is taken after a physician, using wires and tubes (called catheters), enters into the artery and injects a speical dye into the bloodstream. This dye helps capture photographic images, under ultraviolet light, of the arteries and other blood vessels. An advantage of this procedure is that it can help identify exactly where the diseased segment is. 

Angiogram Cath Image

Doppler Ultrasound:

The Doppler Ultrasound test measures the sound waves made by the flow of blood through the arteries. The device can compare these measurements with normal measurements, and any abnormal measurements can be due to PAD.