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Levant 2 Results Presented at VIVA 2014 -- December 8, 2014

The 12-month results for the LEVANT 2 trial presented at VIVA 2014 showed a 30% improvement in primary patency compared to plain balloon angioplasty for treatment of femoropopliteal lesions. The balloon used is the Bard Lutonix 0358 paclitaxel coated balloon, available at 4-6 mm in diameter and up to 150 mm long. ...Read More

Medtronic's IN.PACT Admiral Closes in on FDA Approval -- December 8, 2014

Following promising 1-year results from IN.PACT SFA trial, Medtronic hopes to achieve United States Food and Drug Administration approval for its paclitaxel coated balloon for use in treatment of superficial femoral artery diease. ...Read More

Medtronic Stops IN.PACT DEEP Trial -- December 8, 2014

The IN.PACT DEEP trial conducted by Medtronic was prematurely stopped because early results showed no clinical benefit using the paclitaxel drug coated balloon over plain balloon angioplasty of below the knee lesions in patients with critical limb ischemia. ...Read More

1 - Year IN.PACT SFA Results Released -- Apirl 13, 2014

331 patients enrolled in the trial were randomized to either the IN.PACT Admiral (Medtronic Inc., Minneapolis, MN) paclitaxel-coated balloon or plain balloon angioplasty. 1-year results showed 82.2% vs. 52.4% (p<0.001) advantage in primary patency for the IN.PACT balloon cohort. ...Read More