Latest PAD News & Research


Temporal Trends in PAD Interventions published -- February 27, 2017

Micheal P. Thomas, MD, et al aimed to examine trends in procedural indications, arterial beds treated, and device usage in peripheral arterial interventions (PVIs) included data from 44,650 PVIs performed...Read More

Economic Analysis in Peripheral Artery Disease published -- October 2016

Adam C. Salisbury, MD, MSc and David J. Cohen, MD, MSc, reviews the basic concepts of economic evaluation of medical technology with a focus on their application to lower extremity revascularization procedures...Read More 

Five Essential Components to Treat PAD and Critical Limb Ischemia -- August 2016

Nicholas J. Petruzzi, MD, et al focuses on what is considered the five major components to safety and effectively treat both PAD and CLI in the office-based lab (OBL) setting...Read More